Anklets, commonly known as ankle bracelets, are trendy and stunning jewelry pieces. Whether you wear anklets with initials or personalized anklets, these jewelry pieces add a finishing touch to show off your ankle.

      The fashion choices you can make with an anklet are countless. You can wear a solid gold anklet with high heels and a long dress. Or, you can wear personalized anklets with Beads or Initials with sneakers, Sandals, or Shorts. Show your bold fashion statement with an anklet that makes you feel fashionable and fabulous.
      Anklets available on Krome Jewelers Kamal come in various options. They all differ in Weight and Design. Check out the FIGORO, Cuban, Bead set, and Moon Cut anklets, and get a single or a pair for yourself.

      Ours are made from 10KT OR 14KT  Yellow or White Gold. The price for an anklet starts off from $75 and above.

      Some anklets come with adjustable clasps to give you the perfect fit. 

      These anklets are also called "universal anklets" or "one size fits all." In contrast, other anklet types and styles require the exact size of your ankle to ensure proper fit. Anklet sizes may vary from 8 inches to 11.5 inches and more. 

      Measure Your Ankle:

      With the help of a measuring tape, measure the widest part of your ankle where you plan on wearing the anklet piece. Note down the circumference of your ankle but make sure to leave a few extra millimeters to ensure the anklet doesn’t cut into your skin. 

      While keeping these simple steps in mind, you will have your anklet design ready. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes! Anklets will forever stay in style because of all kinds of available styles. 

      Yes! Anklets are not bothersome with socks and sneakers. 

      Their tightness depends on how you want to wear them. Some people like wearing it loose on their ankles, while others prefer it tight and snug right above the ankle bone. So, it really boils down to your choice.

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