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      Rings are perhaps the most commonly used jewelry pieces. The rings available on Krome Jewelers Kamal are classic pieces that look chic and classy with every outfit and accessory. The Diamond, the Gold, and the setting of the Diamond sitting regally atop the metal make our rings aesthetically pleasing and alluring. 

      Our rings are available in the following designs:

      • Diamond heart ring
      • Diamond cross ring
      • Much more styles are available in store. We provide a wide variety of rings for both Women & Men.

      These designs have 14K Gold metal with different weights and diamond carats. Each piece is exquisite and unique from the other. 

      Whether you want a gold ring design or a princess cut diamond ring, it will fall within your budget. Our rings’ prices start at $250 and above.

      Centered Stone Rings:

      If you are looking for an engagement centered stone ring, please feel free to contact us through our contact form to get the process started one-on-one.

      Step#1: Decide Your Budget

      Diamonds are expensive, however, there is a diamond for every budget. Whatever your budget may be, we will be able to work around it and give you the best quality, color, clarity, and service.

      Step#2: Check the Grading Report for Diamond’s Quality

      A real diamond always comes with a grading report published by a reputable laboratory (e.g. GIA or AGS). This diamond report contains critical information about the diamond you want to buy. the information you need to check in this report are the four Cs (color, carat, cut, and clarity). 

      These Four Cs will define your diamond’s quality. The most important of these Four Cs is the cut. A properly cut diamond will make its clarity and color imperfections look less noticeable. Moreover, a well-cut diamond will look much larger and brighter than the carat size mentioned in the report. So, always focus on the cut quality first when you buy a diamond ring. 

      Step#3: Choose the Diamond’s Shape

      Round cut diamonds are the most commonly preferred among consumers. However, there are lots of shapes to choose from to really have a unique piece resting on your finger. The non-round diamond shapes appear to larger than round diamonds of the same carat. 

      The reason behind this is because non-round shapes have diagonal length or elongated shape, resulting in them looking bigger. After the round shape, the princess square cut diamonds are the most preferred ones. The other diamond shapes include:

      • Pear
      • Oval
      • Cushion
      • Marquise
      • And more!

      Step#4: Check the Carat Weight

      Carat weight is what affects the diamond’s overall price. Determine which diamond you want to buy and then the carat weight you’d like it in to check its price. Diamond prices per carat increase exponentially. So, you must remain aware of what you’re getting. 

      Step#5: Keep Other Cs Simple

      Here we are talking about color and clarity. You will find color and clarity being graded against specific scales. However, it is best to not fall in such hassles and keep it simple. When you check color, the diamond would only appear colorful or colorless. 

      In contrast, in terms of clarity, the diamond you chose will appear eye-clean or flawless or not. This is because it’s useless to pay more for color and clarity when you wouldn’t know what it means. For example, paying more for a D-color diamond when you can’t differentiate between D and H. Moreover, you shouldn’t have to pay more for F (flawless) clarity diamonds when most SI1 diamonds will look eye-clean or flawless, too. 

      Step#6: Choose the Setting

      The way the diamond is set helps the diamond look bigger. It can be set in white, yellow or rose gold, depending on your preference. The setting can be a plain gold eternity band or an eternity band with set in diamond, it may be thin or it may be thick. The ring style is your least concern for any shape or style you like, we can make it happen at Krome Jewelers Kamal. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Whether you look for a ring design for men or women, the choices are numerous. Some of the most common types of rings available in the market are:

      • Diamond rings
      • Gold rings
      • Wedding bands
      • Moissanite rings 
      • Silver rings
      • Birthstone rings
      • Platinum rings
      • Promise rings

      It depends on the type of ring you want to buy. However, if want to gift yourself or your loved one the best diamond ring available in the market, there’s no better place than shopping online on Krome Jewelers Kamal. Check out our diamond rings and buy the best one for yourself. 

      Diamond rings make the best engagement rings. Their classic design, cut, clarity, and weight make the best rings possible. After selecting your diamond and its shape, you should focus on the metal and the diamond’s setting to make the best engagement ring.

      Yes, you can buy rings online, especially customized ones. There are multiple online stores selling rings. However, Krome Jewelers Kamal is the best place to shop for rings. For your customized rings, get in touch with us and we will see what we can do for you.

      It depends on your personal preference. If you talk about the resale value, gold is the best investment as it withstands inflation. On the other hand, diamond adds more aesthetic to the ring but has less resale value.