Diamond earrings are one of the most famous jewelry items purchased worldwide, especially diamond studs. These diamond stud earrings, available in gold and silver in different carats on Krome Jewelers Kamal, make the most luxurious gift you can buy anytime.

      Since the recommended size of diamond earrings are 0.25 CTs, our diamond earrings start from 0.25 CT for maximum visibility within each ear.

      These diamond clustered studs are available in:

      • White Gold earrings design
      • Yellow Gold earrings design
      • 7 stones
      • Carats ranging between 0.25 to 1.00 CT

      Diamond earrings start from $250 and above.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The most popular diamond earrings styles are the round and princess cut ones. The round ones offer a classic look, while the princess cut ones give a square, edgy look. 

      All kinds of real diamond earrings are good to wear for everyday use. You can wear them at night or day – the choice will always be yours. 

      Yes! Wearing silver hoops earrings will enhance the roundness of your face, accentuating your forehead and cheeks. Every type of stud accentuates your face differently. Make sure to consult the jeweler before buying a pair of diamond earrings because the earrings' shape does matter.

      There are more than three types of earrings. The most commonly used are:

      • Studs
      • Hoops
      • Teardrops 

      Other than these, you will find dangling earrings, C-hoop earrings, drop earrings, and many more!

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